Business Camera Integration

Camera Integration

Integrating your camera system takes community safety one step further, helping you get more out of your security camera investment.

Camera sharing allows New York City first responders to view your camera feeds in case of an emergency near your location. Participation is completely voluntary. You select which cameras you wish to share with first responders, and control all permission settings. Sharing your feed can improve response time, help first emergency responders gather situational awareness, and increase the efficiently of first responder efforts and investigations.

To share your cameras, all you need is a small fususCORE device that plugs into your router. Once it's set up, it enables camera sharing based on your particular permission settings.

Camera integration is free of charge

Business Camera Registration/Integration FAQs

Will New York City have a real-time streaming option?

In partnership with Fūsus, a real-time option is available through the FūsusCORE device with conditional access. Camera owners have the ability to choose how and when their cameras are accessible to the police department. For example, private businesses may choose to only have their cameras accessible to investigators when an emergency situation arises. Private residents and neighborhoods can also have the option to do so or completely opt out. During and after setup of the connection appliance called the “Core,” the camera owner may select/unselect cameras that it (1) voluntarily elects to share, in (2) areas designated to assist with location safety and awareness by First Responders, and (3) that are public-area facing only where there is no presumption of privacy by the owner, their employees, or members of the public.

Can my cameras be accessed without my knowledge?

No. Both the New York Police Department and Fūsus policies require the camera owner to give explicit written permission to access cameras for any reason. Camera access and settings are also entirely controlled by the camera owner.

Can the New York Police Department override my access settings to remotely access my cameras at any time?

No. Registering a camera does not provide the New York Police Department with any remote access to the camera's video feed. Registering a camera means it only informs the NYPD where cameras may be located in the area in case of a crime or a critical incident.

Does this program use facial recognition technology?

No. Facial recognition technology is not integrated into registered camera-feeds.

Is the FūsusCORE secure?

The data is secured with AES 256-bit encryption at rest, in transit, and in the Cloud. The FūsusCORE establishes a secure connection with TLS 1.3 allowing outbound traffic to AWS GovCloud. Once data reaches the FūsusONE CJIS-compliant cloud storage location, hosted on AWS Gov-Cloud servers, data is redundantly stored in multiple, geographically separated storage locations, or zones, to ensure over 99.9999% reliability and durability of data.

Is FūsusONE Secure?

FūsusONE, the platform the New York Police Department will use to compile all relevant information in one place, adheres to the highest standards of security for access to, transfer, and sharing of Criminal Justice Information according to CJIS standards. All data that is accessible within FūsusONE is encrypted at rest, in transit, and in its cloud hosted location. Access to databases is restricted by strict networking rules. All Fūsus Employees involved in CJIS-related software development undergo an extensive screening process, including background checks and fingerprinting.

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